The process

Let's work together! I broke down the design process to a few, clear steps:

Select a package below

There's no need for time consuming pricing negoitations. Your time is precious so I prepared some packages for you.

In case you have special needs:

I can work for an hourly rate at €25/hour

Send me your draft

If you already have a presentation that needs to be improved or you are just getting started, I can help you.

In case you don't have a presentation yet don't worry, just go ahead, create the slides with your core message on each slide.

Check the results

I send you the deisgned slides based on your selected package.

If you are happy with it we're done. If not, we can refine it one time without any extra costs.


I prepared various offers for different types of presentations:

CV / quick talk

make an impression


  • up to 5 slides
  • 1 custom diagram
  • template based
  • 24h delivery
  • PowerPoint, Google docs

5 minute star

amaze your audience


  • up to 15 slides
  • 3 custom diagram
  • custom design
  • 48h delivery
  • PowerPoint, Google docs


perfect for pitchdecks


  • up to 25 slides
  • 5 custom diagram
  • custom design
  • 72h delivery
  • PowerPoint, Google docs


always be closing


  • up to 60 slides
  • 15 custom diagram
  • custom based
  • delivery in 4-7 days
  • PowerPoint, Google docs

Here's a handy checklist what to prepare before contacting us to speed up communication:

Raw slides

Don't spend much energy on making your slides pretty, just make sure you put the core message you want to deliver on each slide.

Target audience

Write a short description that who are you going to present this to. Every little detail is helpful.

Core messages

For each slide, provide a summary and try to indicate in a few words your core message.

Formats and tech stuff

Make sure you know what format is required (4:3 or 16:9) and what

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